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TIME, Attachment Parenting, Extended Breastfeeding, and Me

Last week we got our usual TIME magazine in the mail. Before Momma G handed it to me she said, "Oh, shit. I can't believe they published this!" She was talking, of course, about this one.

I was actually a little disappointed by the article. To me, it felt like it was more about Dr. Sears and his family than attachment parenting [AP} as a parenting idea, with some emphasis on breastfeeding/extended breastfeeing [BF/EBF].
There's this picture of a nearly 4 year old boy nursing (and the mom looking like she's trying to be a fashion model?) and then you read the article and there's not much information on AP or BF or why it's beneficial and how it's protected by law in most, if not all, states. It felt misleading and like a plug for the Sears' books. But again, this is my personal feeling.

When I was pregnant with my now 4.5 year old daughter I'd never heard of AP. I'd heard of Ferberizing, but only because of a movie. I only found out about AP when I was researching what felt natural to me. I live in NYC and hated strollers on the subway, you could tell it was awkward and cumbersome. I knew I was going to be a baby wearer right from the start, just like I knew I was going to breastfeed from the beginning. I am also a single parent and knew I'd have no one to take night feedings and changings for me, so co-sleeping was an obvious choice.
I wore my daughter until she outgrew our carrier and by that point she was big enough to walk everywhere, we only take the stroller when we're going to be out All Day. We still co-sleep and she still nurses at night. She's been away for entire weekends and surprisingly I'm still producing milk. She knows it's only for bedtime and I know how much our "Mommy Hugs" mean to her. I'm not going to hurt her feelings by taking away something so special to her when I can't even give her a good reason, by our standards.

Yes, Time's cover photograph was awkward and perhaps even poorly shot. There was no love there. No eye-to-eye connection, no visible bond. To me, that's what nursing is about and showing that is crucial to the acceptance of EBF. Otherwise it just looks...odd.


  1. I'm not even a parent and I had along the same feelings. It seemed like it was giving it a bad Rep. To me it seemed more like an ad than an informative article on a growing lifestyle. I was disappointed.

  2. Hrmmm I obviously have no children yet but I always knew when ever I do have them I'm going with breastfeeding all the way. but I never really thought about EBF... this is something I should think about. And that cover is just awful, she looks like shes doing it just for the chance to be on a magazine not for the support to EBF.


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